Pokemon Go Water Type Pokemon

The most famous gaming mechanic in the Pokemon franchise is the difference between each Pokemon. Besides the looks, you will see different attacks and stats behind these creatures. Above all, if you want to start with tons of in-game bonuses, you should grab a new Pokemon Go Account for Sale on the U7BUY website. Become a better trainer with better tools at your disposal.

One of these alterations is the clashes between different natural (mostly) elements. Like in real life, when you see a body of water clashing through an earthy wall, something will give in and overturn the “battle.”

Following the example, Pokemon come with different elemental types that automatically put them in a category and give them advantages/disadvantages to other Pokemon with other elements.

Pokemon’s Water Type

This element in the Pokemon franchise comes with unique gaming mechanics and Pokemon attacks. The water type, by itself, is mostly effective against Fire, Ground, and Rock. Hence, if you see an opponent with any of these attributes, release your Water Pokemon ASAP. With Pokemon Go account for sale, U7BUY is the best Pokemon Go in-game store.

On the other hand, the water-type Pokemon find trouble when they fight against Electric and Grass Pokemon. Don’t take unnecessary risks, and hide your water companions when you see these opponents. 

Top Five Water-Type Pokemon

Now that you have a better idea of when to use your water-type Pokemon. Let’s discuss some of the best in-game options within Pokemon Go. 


Indeed, one of the strongest and most iconic Pokemon from the entire franchise gets the first spot. With the combination of Water and Ice, you will have fewer counters as you dominate the PvP (Player versus Player) area. Lapras comes with powerful moves and can withstand damage and take revenge for meaningless attacks from enemy Pokemon.

You can find Lapras inside a tier 3 raid within any Gym. Due to the initial complexity of the fight, you need at least two friends or powerful Pokemon that counter-attack Lapras.


The mixture of Water and Ground will give you optimal advantages inside Pokemon Go. With Swampert, you can learn Mud Shot, which is a powerful and fast attack that builds your meters and gives you more powerful counterattacks (with Hydro Cannon). Therefore, you can use this option when you want to clash in a Gym or fight another trainer.

Since Swampert is an evolution from a “starter” Pokemon, you get more chances to find Mudkip in the wild as you move between Pokestops or Gyms. Additionally, if you want to find more information about this video game, visit the Pokemon Go U7BUY website and grab more ways to entertain your free time.


We cannot have a complete water-type Pokemon list without adding a “Legendary” Pokemon in the mix. Thanks to the in-game stats, Kyogre withstands a lot of damage when you’re using them in a difficult Gym Raid. 

You can mostly find Kyogre in a Raid event.

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