How to Hang Lining Paper: 14 Steps

Lining paper is a term that refers to the lining applied to walls and ceilings before hanging wallpaper or painting. This material helps to create a smooth, even surface and can greatly improve the appearance of your finished project. Today, we’ll embark on a 14-step journey to learn how to hang lining paper skillfully and successfully.

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  1. Gather your materials:Before beginning your project, ensure you have all necessary tools and materials. You’ll need lining paper, adhesive, a measuring tape, a cutting table, scissors, a plumb line or spirit level, a pasting brush, a seam roller, and a sponge or clean cloth.
  2. Measure your walls:Start by measuring the height and width of your walls to calculate how much lining paper is required.
  3. Cut the lining paper:Roll out the lining paper on your cutting table and cut it into manageable lengths based on the measurements you took earlier.
  4. Mix the adhesive:Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the wallpaper paste or adhesive.
  5. Mark a straight line:Using a plumb line or spirit level, mark a straight vertical line from the top to bottom of your wall as a guide to align your first piece of lining paper.
  6. Apply adhesive to the first piece:Lay out your first piece of lining paper onto your cutting table, ensuring it’s face down. Apply an even layer of adhesive using a brush or roller.
  7. Fold and allow paste to become tacky:Once coated with adhesive, fold both ends of the lining paper towards the center so that it makes contact with itself (adhesive sides together). Leave it for approximately 5-10 minutes allowing the paste to become tacky
  8. Unfold and hang the first piece:Carefully unfold the top half of the dampened lining paper while holding it up against the marked guideline on your wall. Gently press and smooth the paper onto the wall from top to bottom.
  9. Remove bubbles:Use a wallpaper brush or damp cloth to gently push out any air bubbles working from the center toward the edges.
  10. Unfold and secure the bottom half:Repeat steps 8 and 9, unfolding and positioning the lower half of your first piece of lining paper on the wall.
  11. Wipe off excess adhesive:If there is any adhesive residue on the wall, gently wipe it away with a damp sponge or cloth.
  12. Continue hanging subsequent pieces:Following the same procedure as with the first piece, cut, paste, fold, and hang additional lining paper strips ensuring that each new strip aligns closely with the previous one without overlapping.
  13. Roll seams:Once all pieces are in place, use a seam roller to lightly press down the seams to create a more flawless finish.
  14. Let it dry:Allow the lining paper to dry for at least 24 hours before hanging wallpaper or applying paint.

With these 14 steps, you’re now fully equipped to hang lining paper on your walls like a true professional. By investing into this preparatory stage for your renovation project, you’ll ensure a clean, even surface that will leave your rooms looking beautifully finished.


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