Supercharge your Performance – Athletes Guide To EWOT

Athletes are expected to return with much more intensity than last. For better performance and endurance, they need proper relaxation and rehabilitation. Oxygen therapy for muscle recovery has been used by athletes all around the world for quite some time now.

Oxygen therapy has proven quite beneficial for athletes as it aids in recovery, addresses injuries, and enhances the overall athletic output.

How can athletes use EWOT for their endurance & performance?

Taking time and effort to build endurance is crucial for any sportsperson. Endurance sports, such as long-distance running, swimming, rowing, mountain climbing, etc., require maximum endurance to perform at their highest level. EWOT has substantially gained popularity in recent years as sportspersons are frequently using it to increase their muscle endurance and provide them with the required relaxation at the same time.

Listed below are some of the ways by which EWOT helps athletes build endurance and improve their overall performance:

  • Increase Oxygen delivery: Athletes can take the assistance of a higher concentration of oxygen for exercise to increase their aerobic capacity and stamina, which in turn enhances their endurance. Higher intake of oxygen increases and maintains power output from the athletes continuously. By increasing the oxygen intake, athletes can boost and sustain their overperformance.

A critical aspect of athletic performance depends on the body’s ability to transport oxygen to muscles efficiently. Enhanced oxygen levels through methods like exercising with oxygen therapy for athletes can strengthen their oxygen-carrying capacity, catalyzing improved energy production in muscles. This leads to a delayed arrival of fatigue, allowing athletes to push their limits and perform efficiently for longer durations.

  • Best for recovery between training sessions: Recovery for athletes is as crucial as the training sessions. The muscles undergo continuous wear and tear as the athletes strive to outperform themselves every single time. Taking the assistance of EWOT during the recovery and rehabilitation phase after an injury can prove to be very beneficial. EWOT speeds up the tissue repair and muscle recovery that speeds up the healing journey for an athlete.
  • Used as adjunct therapy: Worldwide, athletes use a wide range of recovery strategies to hasten their post-training recovery. Oxygen therapy for athletes has become more popular among these techniques. When used in conjunction with other well-known rehabilitation techniques, including cold-water immersions, massage therapy, and wearing compression clothing, it frequently acts as an additional therapy. 

Athletes want to develop a thorough and all-encompassing approach to their recovery by including any oxygen therapy exercise in their daily routines. This multifaceted strategy helps athletes sustain peak performance levels over time by promoting speedier healing and rejuvenation and reducing the muscle wear and tear caused by intensive training.

  • Aids stress reduction: Enhancing the supply of oxygen to tissues (EWOT) may assist athletes in lowering their overall stress levels. Due to decreased oxygen levels and increased synthesis of stress hormones like cortisol, the body frequently experiences stress during vigorous physical activity.

EWOT increases athletes’ oxygen supply, improving their ability to handle demanding workouts. By making more oxygen available, exercise-related physical strain may be reduced, greater recovery may be encouraged, and muscular tiredness may be lessened. As a result, athletes may feel happier, less tense in their muscles, and more relaxed overall.

  • Altitude training simulation: Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) helps resemble altitude training. To improve their endurance and performance, athletes frequently engage in altitude training, which involves exposing their bodies to the lower oxygen levels prevalent at higher altitudes. By reducing the oxygen content of the air that athletes breathe while exercising, EWOT simulates this environment. Red blood cell formation is stimulated, and oxygen utilization is improved as a result of the organism being forced to adapt to lower oxygen levels.

EWOT for the win!

Athletes are a whole different breed when it comes to their ability to endure and resist. Oxygen therapy has made its mark in the sports landscape owing to its multifunctional benefits. From enhanced blood circulation to speedy recovery, EWOT enhances it all. 

Several companies are using their best technology to improve the EWOT experience with every session. Athletes all around the world are giving EWOT a chance for their improved muscle endurance and training.

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