Elevate Your Cardio Workout With A Stepper!

Stepper belongs to the category of cardio exercise machines, and the exercise on it replicates the motion of walking up stairs. Such a device is great if you want to have an effective cardio workout. Stepper workout allows you to actively engage the muscles of the hips, shins, and buttocks. Moreover, some aerobic steppers have options for abs and arms. Stepper workout improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and coordination. 

Steppers are compact and perfect for at-home workouts. Stepper workout does not require special skills and great effort. You can work out while watching TV, listening to music, playing at a live casino, or even talking to loved ones if you choose a comfortable place. In this fitness guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to start performing aerobic stepper exercises.

How to choose the right stepper? 

Stepper platforms come in various types and sizes. Electromagnetic steppers begin to move during steps when you press on the pedals.  Electromagnetic stepper functions thanks to magnetic resistance and power supply. The control panel provides the opportunity to adjust the intensity of loads and measure speed, calorie consumption, and heart rate.The disadvantages of such steppers are high price and  big size. You will find such steppers in training gyms.

Mini steppers are cheaper and more compact. They have levers or handrails to ensure balance during training and work out the muscles of the arms and abs. Depending on the purpose, steppers can be autonomous, folding, and professional. The latter have large dimensions and numerous functions are installed in gyms. Stand-alone models can run on batteries or are driven by the power of the legs, the size is medium, and the option is suitable for home if there is free space.

The classic stepper almost exactly replicates walking up stairs. The balancing stepper involves shifting the center of gravity to a certain side, which allows you to work all muscles, including deep muscles. In the first stages, training is difficult, but as movement skills develop, it becomes easier.

When choosing a perfect stepper for your needs, take a look at the following factors:

  1. Training goals. If you want to lose weight, you can choose a classic simple model without “contrivances”.
  2. The area of the apartment and the room in which the machine will stand. The less space you have, the more compact the trainer should be.
  3. Load. If the trainee is significantly overweight, it is worth choosing a stable model that can withstand this weight.
  4. The level of training. So, it will be convenient for a beginner to exercise on a stationary and equipped with handrails, since it is difficult to keep balance on a mini stepper. The electromagnetic type is suitable for well-trained people.

How to make a stepper workout effective? 

It would seem that practicing on the simulator is extremely simple, but not everything is so easy. First, you need to choose the optimal rhythm. If it is possible to control your heart rate, then the frequency of beats should not exceed the permissible. For simple calculations, just subtract your age from 200. Secondly, you need to exercise regularly. Third, you need to find the optimal frequency of training. The average is two or three times a week. The greater the load, the less frequent the exercise, as the muscles must have time to recover. Here are some simple tips for beginners:

  1. The main question you need to answer before your first workout is how much to exercise. To begin with, five minutes is enough, with an average level of training – of 10-15.
  2. Begin a stepper workout with a warm-up to warm up the muscles.
  3. Increase the tempo gradually to avoid muscle injuries. 
  4. Watch the pace and correctness of the movements for an effective and safe workout without injury. Try to keep the same speed.
  5. There is no need to maximize flexion and extension of the legs, the amplitude should be medium. To lose weight, increase the frequency of movements and decrease the resistance.

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