Are Invisalign Aligners Effective?

Smiling and laughing are integral parts of living a healthy life, allowing us to enjoy beautiful moments together with friends and family. Crooked teeth or an unsightly smile can make this fundamental part of living uncomfortable and even embarrassing for some, forcing people to avoid smiling or laughing altogether. Thankfully, orthodontic treatments like Invisalign have been developed to help bring out the beauty in everyone’s smile.

Can Invisalign Aligners Provide the Same Results as Traditional Braces?

Chetan from Mola Dental Said “Absolutely! In certain cases, the adjustments necessary may be too severe to use Invisalign but for the most part, Invisalign works as wellas old-school brackets and wires and within similar treatment times. Invisalign patients get the benefit of their teeth gradually shifting into their ideal location while avoiding the hassle of traditional braces.”

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses a set of near-invisible aligners that place pressure on the teeth and gradually force the teeth to straighten and adjust to their desired position. This type of orthodontic procedure has proven to be effective again and again, helping countless people get the smile they want.

How Can You Ensure Your Invisalign Treatment is Effective?

Wear the Aligners: for the most effective and accurate results, Invisalign aligners must be worn diligently. 20-22 hours a day, they should be on your teeth, slowly but surely moving them into the perfect smile.

Remove the Aligners When Eating: one of the major benefits is that Invisalign aligners can (and should) be removed when eating. No food stuck in your brackets and wires with Invisalign! Users should carry a case with them so that they can safely and hygienically store their aligners while they are eating.

Practice Proper Oral Health Measures: after every meal, it is important to brush and floss your teeth. This needs to happen every time to avoid the possibility of little pieces of food getting into your aligners. If that happens, bacteria can build up inside, creating issues for the teeth and gums.

Avoid Drinking Coffee or Other Drinks: the near-invisible aligners will get stained if you are consistently ingesting dark or staining liquids. These include favourites like pop, coffee, and some teas and while this may be somewhat inconvenient, the benefits outweigh the downsides.

Regularly Change Out Your Aligner Trays: this type of treatment works because of the gradual yet consistent pressure slowly moving the teeth into place. Aligner trays must be switched out for a new set every 2 weeks for the duration of the treatment to ensure the best possible results.

Invisalign: An Effective Method to Uncovering a Beautiful Smile

Invisalign gives patients a discreet and effective way to enhance their natural smiles. By following simple rules like consistently wearing your aligners, removing them when you are eating, making sure to brush and floss after every meal, avoiding liquids that could stain your trays over time and always getting your new trays on schedule, you can go from talking and smiling self-consciously to confidently smiling and laughing without a care in the world. Invisalign is an effective way to uncover the beautiful smile within.

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